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The Rhapsody's Journal!
20 most recent entries

Date:2007-11-20 00:23

Lost in the darkness
The sun a cold memory

Chilled by regret
Words provide an escape

Untouched and alone
Despair is a cruel companion

Fear holds the key
But time holds vigil.

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Date:2007-10-16 01:06


In the darkness
Frustration seethes
And the heart breaks
From the pain of memories.

Loneliness, a dark friend
Returned from the nethers
Has penetrated the deep
And once fathomless soul.

Now in the stillness
Careless breath from afar
Strikes a melancholy chord
That reverberates in the night.

The ebb and flow returns,
An unwelcome gift
No longer a visitor
But a defiant demon returned.

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Date:2006-12-18 09:11

For Lou Ann

Dusky morning light strains
To reach a frozen yard,
Kissed by a sheen of ice -
Cracked where life broke through.

A memory drifts effortlessly
Of a Christmas Eve
Bathed in snowy joy
And warm brandied laughter.

With the Tetons looming
In the distance, standing vigil
You watched your family
Delight in the holiday you cherished

And with the spirits of the past
You shared your life -
The sumptuous feast like a banquet
Laid out for those you loved.

A flood of emotions escapes
Like breath steaming the cold morning
And sadness melds with the comfort
Of remembering that you are always here.

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Date:2005-12-13 15:25

Like a wounded knight
In bloodied helm
Fighting for justice
Against a foreign tsar,

Hope stands alone,
A solemn vigilant --
Banner bravely unfurled
Amidst a field of death.

To the broken, hope is fleeting
And a shadow only
Of a time before dreams
When risk was frivolous.

But the aged and wise
Can no longer wager
For the scars of the past
Show the pain of loss.

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Date:2005-12-13 15:19

Hollow stones
Drift silent
On currents
Of remorse.

Of heartbreak
Coursing in

To the beat
Of lost time.
Regret now
Settles in.

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Date:2005-12-13 12:58

Loneliness, like a double edged blade,
Grieves in solitary isolation
And in crowded rooms
Amassed with screams of hysteria.

What can the heart do
When the soul's desire
Is untouched by passion,
Trapped in a one-way street?

A failure now, the warrior
Whose skills in battle
Are no longer needed
Save the random skirmish.

Into selfish abandon,
Or prolonged distress?
Where will love hold court?
Fate, cruel, laughs at the paradox.

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Date:2005-10-04 09:02

The prodigal ghost, wary,
Returns to the heart.
Where the blood seeped
Into ground hallowed and cold.

On a current of fear
He lights atop the spires
That fringe domed memories
Of a cold winter's morning.

Below, a scene of warmth
In the bowels of icy thaw --
Hope and promise seem
Almost effervescent.

Silently, he sneers knowingly
At his once shining visage
That lies unwittingly
In a maelstrom of darkness.

Like the winter, the ghost
Has grown cold of late
Untouched by emotion
And on the verge of sin.

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Date:2005-07-06 12:39

No music plays now
In the silenced halls
For the hallowed dreams
Are shackled in remorse

Heavy irons hold memories
In rusty supplication
And the chafed remains
Of life sit stagnant

In a pool of pity and failure
But on the wind a voice
Haunting in its visions
Of music that once fed the soul

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Date:2005-06-23 08:51

Gray clouds roll across the bay
And bring a melancholy whisper
Of a past steeped in rot

In the distance a horn
Belts a tune of warning
Against the rocky shores

But the maiden voyage
Of this pristine vessel
Is destined to capsize

For like the sacrificial virgin
That leapt to her destiny
In history's lore

A heart that is unbroken
Is merely a number
Waiting to be called.

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Date:2005-05-24 08:30

Waves from the past
Disseminate into mist
And the sea's carpet
Settles in comfort

Yet the murky waters
Rise in the distance
Shading the horizon
In a confusing fog

Ships that have passed
In years gone by
Rise from their graves
To haunt the pristine surface

Time has not eroded
A love for the sea
That has left a memory
Of stones littering the beaches

In cobbled masses of granite
Where time seeps
Through the layer of stones
But catches in sandy mesh

Waves from the past
Hold now in hope
That the waters of the future
Will wash them into the brine.

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Date:2005-04-29 08:59


Fears can damage the soul
With the persistency
Of a dull ache, suturing away
The pain of past failures

Locked away inside veins
That course through time
Always remembering, yet
Never confronting the reality

That what was has no place
In the here and now.
Blame and accusations pierce
The armor that should protect

And leave a bloodied trail
Festering in uncertainty
And neglected to the ministrations
Of those who came before.

Steam and energy commingle
Into a dangerous brew
Beset with a boiling point
That cannot contain the rage.

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Date:2005-04-26 14:20

Waters flow
Sentiments choke

Complacency kills
Boredom thrills

Embers cool
Searches the fool

Night falls
Passion in thrall

Suns set
The moon forgets.

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Date:2005-04-11 13:26

Sodden clouds of misty decay
Hang over the vanquished spirit

The fight was long and love --
Once the Purpose -- lies broken

Beside the victor, Despair,
Whose claws are still dripping

With the blood of the innocent,
A steel-eyed angel robed in light.

The angel will fly to his spirit
And rejoin to a better plane

While the shattered soul,
Through bloodied lips,

Can pray only for the angel's
Safe return and freedom.

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Date:2005-04-11 13:21

The rock-strewn floor is littered now
With the shattered pieces of a soul
Knocked down by despair and grief
And in the dusky light, the blood is black.

A spirit can be beaten and yield to the pain
For numbness, like a cherished friend
Can be a welcome commodity in the darkness
Where razors hide in whispered comments.

How far can the cuts go? The slices -- delicate
And almost seductive in their caress --
Can drain the life from a hopeless soul
But the cuts will never reach the heart

Where life beats in unwarranted rhythm
To a cacophony of mistakes and regrets.
And left in bloody revelry, the husk of life --
Like a monolith that wants to die --

Stands for reasons beyond sanity,
And living when the soul has given berth
To possession by a vengeful demon
That invades the corpse that once breathed.

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Date:2005-03-18 10:13

Sadness cascades in rivulets of sorrow
Down chasms deep with memory
And in the hollowed precipices of the heart
Only silence can bring comfort

The sound of rain falling without relent
Brings thoughts of remembered laughter
And the gray clouds no longer bring solace
To the nights where sleep is now enemy

A wall once broken mends on its own
Fissured by the cement of shame
The facade is no longer haunted
By sheathes of pain and ridicule

A fair and delicate flower
Yearns to reach for the sun
But the midnight pull of the moon
Ensures growth in darkness

This somber lily will bloom
And cast no shadow
For the darkness masks well
The blackness of other's taunts

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Date:2005-03-18 09:59

Confusion in color
A rainbow of loathing
Masks the truth that endures --
Darkness distilled

Regret now borne
On a wave of time
Where safety reigns
And lacquers the darkness

A polished face
Of reflective silence
Unable to whisper
For the cotton mouth

Holy vespers conceal
Not the dreams of youth
But the needs of the educated
And sacrifice enslaves the innocent.

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Date:2005-03-18 09:54

Segregated wishes wallow in regret
For the dreams are shattered
Under the hooves of self loathing --
Broken and torn, bleeding disappointment

In the distance, a hum of taunting
Berating in its false forgiveness
Like needles on new flesh
Always stinging just below the surface

Where does the soul find release
For the hate endured on its own behalf?
The mirror is no longer cracked,
For in the reflection is a glittering facade.

The mirror is haunted now
And life is no longer safe in self hatred
For the face no longer weeps
For a self that was buried in shame

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Date:2005-02-26 18:56

Disconsolate memories plague the living
And suffocate those who get close
For in their seductive grasp
They pierce with bitter poisons

The erosion of technology
Fails to wipe out past decay
And in place of comfort
Emptiness and loathing reign

For the fattened calves are dead
And no nourishment is found
Where there should be sustenance
But for the silence, a gnawing ache

A dream once realized is often a mochery
Of life's fatalistic humor -- the ass
Being led to slaughter under the guide
Of a radiant carrot that promises death

In the rotting flesh of disappointment
Lies the soured taste of ugliness --
The unwanted guest that hope had forgotten
Only to realize it is an ever present plague.

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Date:2005-02-07 21:03

In the deepest part of the night
When the silence is filled with bus fumes
And the lights of the dead city blaze
In fevered vigil, the pain ravishes.

Hollow despair rots the core
Of the once cherished chapel
And the holy sanctuary
Is corrupt with confusion and pain

When did the burnished copper turn?
No longer shining like a savior
The saint has fallen from grace
Only to be replaced by a stagnant preacher.

The sermons drone in the distance
And there is only loneliness now
To fill the heart that wants to feel
Longing and passion and joy.

But the heart will learn to cope
As it always has, for there will come a time
When the preacher will need to listen
And his sermons will cease in the face of pride.

Somehow the march of the beautiful holy men
Has ruined the marriage of love and passion
And practicality settles in like dust falling
On greasy windows in an abandoned shack.

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Date:2005-02-05 21:51

In the light of mourning the day renews --
A day of wonder and fear, aching
With the memory of pain borne of abuse,
Neglected and pitiable, clouds hang in wait.

Shards of gold and silver shower the glen
Falling from the tongues of gods now dead,
Slicing the heart with the agony of truth --
Nothing can mask the precious facade

For in the honeyed compliments a lie,
Reticent no longer, breaks the surface
And the joys of life are silenced
Like the voices of children corrupted

Confident waves of laughter die, stilled --
A heart reborn splits, unsure of itself,
And in the rivulets of bloodied fluidity
Ugliness. . .complacency. . .depression.

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